The Cast

Andy Best
Dungeon Master

Andy played D&D since he was 12 and he did all kinds of writing, performing and arts stuff, including a degree in it. Then he went off travelling to get more life experience before trying to make it – and forgot to come back for fifteen years. Likes Michael Moorcock and J.G. Ballard. Will write slasher movies on spec for food.

Twitter: @andybest72

Elaine Chow

Elaine is a writer, gamer and woman about town. She hails from the land of yellow cabs, foldable pizza and overwrought songs about the global qualifications one might gain should they “make it there.” Uninterested in finding out, she moved to China, where she’s now called home for more than a decade.

When she was but a pre-teen, she came across and devoured entire shelves of Dragonlance books, but only realised she’d probably like playing the game they were referencing sometime last year. She enjoys stiff drinks, bad puns and overcomplicating the flavour text of fantasy world economies.

Twitter: @shanghailaine

Colin Hanna
Björn Djirkfjall

Colin is a writer and comedian from Ontario, Canada. Before Polymorph Self, he played Dungeons and Dragons for only nine months — a hobby he wishes he had picked up earlier in life. He’s 32, for God’s sake.

Twitter: @shits_ahoy

Robyn Hughes
Seyda Neen

Robyn has only been playing D&D for a year, but has been a fantasy geek since she discovered the Discworld point and click when she was nine. Her regular character is a druid based on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, who is definitely the best Marvel superhero. When Robyn grows up she wants to be a sky pirate, but until then, she talks about comics, writes things and is terrible at Twitter.

Twitter: @Robyndrinksgin

Adam Skuse
Onas Onidiri

Hailing from the fecund hills of Devon in the UK, Adam is a writer and standup comedian currently residing in Shanghai. Having formally lost touch with popular culture in 2012, he has since been working hard on enmeshing himself in an increasingly unhinged fantasy world of his own creation, which largely involves frantic self-abuse and grainy old episodes of the Krypton Factor. He sometimes extricates himself to perform standup, for which he even won some kind of award, with one judge saying his performance “systematically empties the taboo cupboard.”
Adam was introduced to gaming through HeroQuest and Fighting Fantasy game books, before developing a brief but heavy Warhammer 40k habit. This gave him his sole artistic skill of making rocky terrain out of polystyrene, which he still employs to impress girls.

Twitter: @monadflaccidity
YouTube: MonadicFlaccidity