Previous Teammates

Alas, team members seem to have a weird habit of disappearing on us. Here are some of the people we’ve lost along the way:

Bjorn Djirkfall

Last seen as a Level 6 Rogue in Ep. 63 – Guys, Run Away
Chaotic Neutral

Half-Elf from the Frontierland of Kikathra. Lay-a-bout, possible addict and stand-up comedian. One time romantic partner of the current Queen of the Kalni Underground. Current whereabouts unknown after intense battle with a bunch of snake people.

Onas Onadiri

Last seen as a Level 5 Sorcerer in Ep. 32 – Touch the Dragon
True Neutral

Winter Elf from the Midtown of Kikathra. Scholar, owner of celestial stoats, shrunken hand pendants and other weird things. Very pedantic. Current whereabouts unknown, but it’s suspected he’s either floating around in time & space or maybe inside a black orb.