Ep 30: I Look Annoyed

In which blink dogs are fought and Onas has a fall …

Last episode Onas’s layers of filth piled up to the point where they could not be ignored. The party found a mysterious obsidian cube at the center of the tower base, later Bjorn touched it and added his vomit to Onas’s clothing. They found a magical viewing chamber and were able to check the valley outside. Agonosvos, high cleric of anti-theophany, and his troops had found the party’s ornithopter. Also, Gop was there … and turned out to be a shapeshifting brain spider. At last they found a hole descending to what seemed to be the lair of the blink dogs.

Bjorn Djirkfjall – half-elf rogue, level 4
Seyda Neen – human barbarian, level 4
Hjani – elf fighter, level 4
Onas Onidiri – elf sorcerer, level 4

The adventure takes place in the elven kingdom of Kikathra, in the world of Kalni. For full game world information, art and character sheets check out the about pages on the site and watch the blog for extras. Feel free to mail us via the contact form or tweet at us with any questions or comments you have. If you liked the show, please share it. One repost, tweet or share goes a long way. Thanks.

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