Intro: The Concept

Hello fellow adventurers!

We’re not sure how you wandered by here without knowing what Polymorph Self is, but that’s alright – we’re more than happy to give you the info you need.

What is Polymorph Self?

Polymorph Self is a weekly podcast that features Dungeons & Dragons actual play.

It’s also a spell with a long D&D nerd in-joke history and if you don’t get the joke, you probably aren’t a big enough D&D nerd. Just kidding.

How does it work?

DM Andy has created and populated a game world called Kalni that consists of four civilizations and a whole lot of cities, ruins, wildlands and ocean adventures. Read more about it here.

He’s invited four people to play through his world in this podcast, and they all meet up to sit around a table in the same room. The players have backgrounds ranging from teaching to tech blogging to stand-up comedy to… administration. But who cares really?

We play typical three to four hour D&D games a month and then release them in roughly 45 minute installments. The games have a continuous cast and follow a campaign set in a consistent original game world. The story continues and builds up each week.

Should you listen?

Do you like Dungeons & Dragons? Do you like high adventure? Do you like irreverent comedy? Do you like puns? And do you like it all delivered to your ears in high quality audio?

THEN OF COURSE YOU SHOULD LISTEN. And if you like it so much you want to support what we do, please check out and support us on Patreon.

Anything else you should know?

Our dark overlords are Kung Fu Komedy, rulers of a comedy cabal in the magnificent and imposing city of Shanghai.