Kikathra is the sole elven nation known to the mapped areas of Kalni (our main world). It is very far south and remote from the other three civilizations, and can be only conventionally reached through a long and challenging land journey.

The winter lasts for six months, but even in the summertime the forest and mountains tend to have some snow and ice cover. All civilized areas are based along the Great Kalni River – the exception being a holy city in the Greatwood that is very restricted and therefore not mapped in detail.


Points of Interest 

  • Kikathraxia: The largest city, ruled over by four major noble families.
  • Kikathra City: A hidden city in the Greatwood where the high seers convene. Not much is known about this place because it’s so secretive.
  • The Raka: The frontierland of the far north, where rules and society are much more relaxed.



Kikathran society is ruled over by four noble families in a strict class system. These four families have endured as elite rulers since they came out of the forest and founded Kikathraxia thousands of years before.

Citizenship in the realm is earned only after a period of national service, and is denoted by citizen rings. All races can become citizens.


The Populace

Kikathra is populated almost completely by Winter Elves (with the exception of a larger mix of humans and half-elves in the frontier areas). It’s unknown whether other breeds of elves exist so Winter Elves are mostly just known as elves.

In our game world, elven features don’t run into the extremes of the core rules. Elves tend to have jet black hair, very pale skin and a grey eye color. They are lithe and about as tall as humans, with slightly higher life spans. An average elf matures at 30-40, is in their active prime until 120, and lives to be around 160 – though some venerable ones have lived until 200. There is a constitution penalty for players due to years of isolation and inbreeding in early elven history.