Game World

Welcome to the world of Kalni

kalni map color test (1)

This game world is written especially for our game, listeners are welcome to use it too. Contact us for map and guide. The map you can see here is one hex : 36 miles (incircle diameter).

How Kalni differs from most RPG game worlds is space. There are only four full civilizations on the map and the rest, areas the size of many countries on Earth, have no large population. This allows for the unknown and the space for groups to create.

The map is southern hemisphere and large. The north coast is hot and desertified, the south is cold and frozen. The four civilizations are:

  • The Koloka Kurufa
  • The Holy Stay of Challis
  • The Realm of the Merchant Kings
  • Kikathra

Realm of the Merchant Kings
The Realm of the Merchant Kings is temperate and green. There are walled cities and armored knights. But it is no longer a feudal monarchy. The merchant’s guild elect temporary kings and the realm runs on trading and markets. Chivalry and knighthood continue within a national standing army. It is a human civilization, with the Vale and the Western Spine on its borders, the homeland of halflings and dwarves respectively.

Challis is a human theocracy on a single island. It is a Mediterranean style climate with red stone temples and marble columns and amphitheatres. However, its southern port Hallow Point, and the Five Colonies are much less devout and they are open to trade and adventure across Kalni.

Koloka Kurufa
The Koloka Kurufa is single river civilization in the style of the Mali or Songhai Empires. It has deserts to the north and golden grasslands to the south. The capital E-saheli is the largest city in Kalni and they worship the library as much as the gods who founded the nation.

Our current campaign is taking place in Kikathra. Read more here.

Kiakthra is very far south and remote from the other three civilizations, who have continuous shipping. It can only be reached by a long and challenging land journey. It is winter for six months and forest and mountains keep some snow and ice all year round. The civilization is based along one river except for a holy city in the Greatwood, that is not mapped in detail and is restricted.

Kikathran society is ruled over by four noble families in a strict class system. You may only become a full citizen after a period of national service.