DM Blog 21: More Updates

Hey Listeners, DM Andy here.

Last week I should have started dropping the first three episodes of the new story, and this week would have been a further new recording session. Alas, life has got in the way.

Jay, who plays Garrek has been accepted for a dream job of his – working on a research crew in Antarctica for a year. No shit. Pushing him to watch The Thing as we speak. We were planning to write him out in some cool or shocking way but then we had to cancel the session as Billicus is having to extend his stay back in the USA for personal reasons, with no fixed return date as of yet. So, we have had to leave it all and will restart the new arc with one, maybe two new cast members.

The pod will go on though.

So, hey, if you live in Shanghai China, watch our Twitter for try outs.  Thanks for your patience.


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