Hjani Blog 1: Yeah, it’s Summer Break and also we’re on Instagram




You might have noticed that it’s been a while since our last podcast episode. We’re still alive (even Billicus! Barely!) but we are taking a bit of a summer break before we start the next arc of our adventures.

You’d know this if you follow our Twitter (@polymorphpod).

And that’s literally the only way you COULD know this though because DM Andy seems to believe that everybody in the world communicates by tweet and only by tweet (when actually, pretty sure the only people who use Twitter regularly now are GenXers and trolls).      DM ANDY note – I am a genXer.

So sorry about that! Not only did he not announce it on the pod, he didn’t even update this website – THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE – to let you all know. Humans, am I right?

Luckily, elves are just slightly better at content marketing.

So this elf thought: “Hey, since I have the same schedule every season anyway, why not use this break to start something new for Polymorph Self? That way anyone who might stumble on the podcast will know we’re not dead and also we could highlight some back episodes while we’re at it!”

And everyone knows elves go on Instagram. So this elf created one: @polymorphselfpod

Follow us!

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