DM Blog 20: Part B, State Of The Pod

Image: our t-shirt

DM Andy here.

I haven’t done a lot of blogs or updates at the site lately, been pretty busy. Here’s some stuff.

We have opened a merch store and put up our first couple of designs. There is a t-shirt – Bad Ponys – that reps Seyda’s artwork and spelling in the episode where she tried to teach Bjorn what a wolf was. Elaine Chow (Hjani) drew it. You can get it here. Also at that store you can get a mug or phone case of Elaine’s amazing Polymorph Self / Stranger Things mash-up art. It’s really good.

We have a new cast member, Jay. He is coming in for Colin (Bjorn) and will play a dwarf cleric. He’s awesome. Also, we’ll get round to putting Billy’s bio on the main site at some point but he’s not big on social media or having his name out there, so there’s that. I’ll get him somehow.

I just posted episode 64, holy shit. Also, we are making them available on the Youtubez here. It occurred to me that I once used Youtube to listen to an edited playlist that compiled all the D&D portions of Harmontown. Also, there are loads of RPG streams there so we want to be in that community. Leave a comment, I’ll defo say hi.

Anything else? We’ll get the memes on the go again soon, we just started Chinese New Year in Shanghai which is one of those holidays where everyone goes home for a dinner and the shops close. We have three more episodes in the bag and then we’ll have a big meet in a couple of weeks time. Until then, thanks for listening.

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