DM Blog 20: Part A, Where’s Bjorn?

Image: a flyer for one of Colin’s shows last year

This is weird.

Over the past months we’ve built up some listeners and have people that follow the overall story as it unfolds. So there will be a jarring break in continuity this week when Bjorn disappears. So, here’s the blog explaining it.

Colin (Bjorn) has been in since Episode One and has been great. Unfortunately, there were increasing cases of professional crossover between our producers Kungfu Komedy and Colin’s main group, The Shanghai Comedy Club. Both operate in the same area, do the same kind of nights and compete in the city with touring headliners from the USA and UK. Overall, Colin decided everything would be improved if he cut the show. We had arranged to do a final session with him and write Bjorn out properly but then – as anyone who has, you know, lived life knows – personal stuff cropped up at the exact same time and the date was off.

So, the last we know of Bjorn is that he ran off into the lanes by himself. We leave it to your imagination to decide where he went, why and what he’s doing now. There won’t be any prequels to overwrite that with a lamer version.

As for Colin, he’s great, we are all good and you can follow him on Twitter if you like here @shits_ahoy. He’s a talented stand-up and a good writer. And we wish him all the best.

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