DM Blog 19: Busy Nerd



Hey Listeners. DM Andy here.

We’ve had a crazy month at Polymorph Self HQ. There was a national holiday here in Shanghai, all our producers at KFK were doing comedy tours, my job transferred me to a new location and I’ve been sick … and, my band took off and we’ve been booking and playing shows more. Phew. But during that time we’ve put out a string of great episodes that I’m really proud of, Elaine has done some great art things, including the Stranger Things mash-up and we’ve had good feedback and fan-art from listeners. Thanks everyone.

We also now have a merch store at Teepublic. We are adapting our designs to fit the technical specs for the printing and all that, should be ready within a week or two.

In the world of D&D, Wizards have been releasing a new campaign based on Giants. The concept seems cool and it’s encouraging to see that it is adaptable for a wide range of levels and tries to be usable as a full setting / sandbox. That’s what a good pro-module should be like. I still think that the original spirit of D&D and its game strengths are incompatible with a Hasbro style consumerist/obseletion model, which is why there have been so many ups and downs since they took over … but, this looks good. If you’ve played it, shoot me an email with some feedback via our contact form. Or Tweet us, we like that and always re-tweet.

As always, if you like the show, please recommend it and put it out there.

Roll on.

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