DM Blog 17: We’re Back


Image: L1 The secret of Bone Hill – art by Bill Willingham

Hey you, dungeon master Andy here. We’re back after a month of summer holiday.

The image is the cover of an early TSR AD&D module, The Secret of Bone Hill. It was probably because I was ten years old when it came out in the UK, and twelve when I bought it, but the old TSR modules set off all kinds of memories and feelings for me. To this day I much prefer the art on the early 80s adventures. They were often pervy and of varying quality but each cover is memorable and iconic in a way that the new stuff isn’t. All of the art for D&D books of the past, say, ten years has been incredible quality … and yet strangely forgettable.

It was great to record the show again last week.

I’m the DM, show director and sound guy all at the same time during sessions and sometimes it’s a bit much and I space out. But I really enjoyed this session just as much as I would a regular game with no pressure to watch the time or balance the show elements. The party got to fight a sea monster, interact with different NPCs, advance the story … and everyone contributed to the game. It was awesome. Can’t talk about it too much as a key scene is in the next episode, not published until next week at time of writing.

Feel some sympathy for party member Billicus. In real life he spent the summer break passing a kidney stone, which he assures us looked like “Cthulhu.” I didn’t ask to see the picture.

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