D&D 101: The Six Ability Scores

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The previous 101 post was about Hit Points

The 101 series is for listeners who don’t play the game themselves and need the very basic concepts.

Every player in the game has a character they play. To record their items and abilities they have a standard character sheet. There are all kinds of statistics there, some of which we have mentioned, like Hit Points. But, the whole statistical side of the character starts with just six basic scores to represent your abilities. Fun fact, these have been a constant in the game from the official TSR first editions, right up until now.

They are:


Each one starts off by rolling 3d6 and coming up with a number between 3-18.

From 9-12 is average. Below that you may incur penalties and above that you get bonuses. The ranges and modifiers vary a little between versions of the game, but these six ability scores are one of the most enduring and memorable parts of the system.

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