DM Blog 16: Summer Loving


Image: Game of Thrones official promo

Summer is here, here in Shanghai that is and we’ve just posted episode 42. Including the preparation and casting I, DM Andy, have been working on this little show for one year. Phew. I probably need a holiday right? Probably, but I’ll stick at it. A few members of our team will be on holiday though. Robyn (Seyda) and Billy (Billicus) are lounging in their hometowns as I write this, and Elaine (Hjani) is on a Disney cruise. Yup. There’s no escaping it, the biggest Disney park in the world just opened up right here in this city. So, in this week’s episode, our beloved Bjorn holds down the recap and intro material. check it out.

I just watched Game of Thrones S06E09. Great episode. This whole season has gone way more fantasy in general, as the budgets increase. But, that’s how the novels are set out too. They start based around the characters and drama, and the fantasy elements are at the fringes, waiting to reappear in the world again. The further we go the more they come. If you’ve been following our pod, we recently had a big battle scene. The retaking of Linake Raka, was smaller scale than the BotB, with half as many troops on each side, and also playing into a single limited space. It was cool to compare and have a think about doing a large scale battle again in the future, perhaps making it intense and grim this time. It’s a hard thing to do for an audio show of people gaming, I like the episodes though. As a DM I picked some scenario choices within the battle: taking out the enemy’s champion, stopping a siege vehicle and trying to break the archer lines under fire. And we started with the tower explosion too. Would love to see how other DMs try to incorporate battle scenes into D&D.

Finally, I posted a bit about the early days of D&D and the satanic panic backlash of the 80s. The Escapist does a lot on this and they just shared part of an amazing collection of materials from the time. Here is a full scan of a guidebook produced by BADD, intended for use by parents, teachers, police and other community leaders: As BADD as it gets

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