DM Blog 15: Enter Billicus


Hi. DM Andy here.

Been super busy lately. We all have and the summer is almost upon us. First things first. This week’s episode introduces our newest party member Billicus. He’s an elven druid from the home country Kikathra. He comes in to replace the dearly departed Onas. Cast member Billy is a lot of fun and we get our first stoner type character in the game. Follow our crew as they set of on a brand new quest this week.

Been watching Game of Thrones, of course. It’s going full fantasy now, and full fan service. I love it. I was trying to read reviews of this week’s Episode 6 but they are all just buzz and noise as my mind goes “Coldhands! And he’s fighting zombies with a flaming flail!” I noticed several reviews busting out the term ‘table setting’ again, with one going as far as stating that they don’t consider it a pejorative term. I beg to differ. It suggests that the scenes don’t have any fully realized meaning by themselves. The moment when Essie Davies’ character – during the play within the play – suddenly segues from the hacky lines into real emotion worked on so many different levels. It was amazing. And that’s just one scene.

Here’s a funny D&D video I saw this week. It asks the question: Are you the dick at the table?

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