DM Blog 14: Fare thee well, Onas.

Bye Adam

If you’re up to date on the show, you’ll know that elven sorcerer Onas Ondiri has finished his run on the adventure.

Adam’s last session spanned three episodes and the plan was that if he didn’t get into real trouble naturally during the game, he would be sent off the other way when the tower was activated. This was tricky, none of the adventure is pre-planned in that way, it’s a genuine D&D game that is exactly what it sounds like. There was always the chance that things wouldn’t go that way at all and we’d have to improvise something.

When I write the session as DM I cast a wide net so that the overall story can go on based on the player’s choices.

So, Adam Skuse, who played Onas, left the city where the show is physically based, Shanghai. He has returned to the U.K. to take further education in computer coding. Also going on hold for a year is his stand-up career with Kung Fu Komedy. Adam is a talented stand-up who combines transgressive gross-out humor with absurdism. I for one hope he resumes as soon as possible. So everyone at the show wishes him well and all the success for the future.

This week I watched a fantasy movie.

Digression … I’ve seen lots of debate on shows lately about what movies count as ‘fantasy.’ Apparently serious people think this includes any movie with magical elements. Including magical realism and movies with zero sword and sorcery stuff in them. There is something to their argument, but it ends up conflating a bunch of films that are obviously unrelated by genre. When I say fantasy, or sci-fi / fantasy, I mean dragons and all that.

So I watched an infamous B-movie fantasy from the 80s called Sorceress. It was made by Roger Corman during the rash of cash-in fantasy movies and has a reputation for being an exploitation picture. I somehow missed out on it first time around. Background: me and my friends were teenage fantasy fans in the actual 80s when the home video boom took off. We really got to see all of these movies, all the ‘straight to video’ knock offs. Really, a lot. Now, I assumed it would be something along the lines of Beastmaster or The Sword and the Sorcerer. But no. It really is unredeemable. The production values are really a thousand times down from the two examples I mentioned and the film makers are completely ignorant of the genre.

Also there’s a character who’s a satyr who only speaks in lamb bleats. And continuously naked twins. And oiled man buns … not the hipster hairdo, the ass. Sounds like a ‘so bad it’s good’ film, right? No. If you take time to find it and try to watch it, you will punch yourself in the face.

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