DM Blog 13: Bensound and bits


Image: Cthulhu over Shanghai. Composite from net images.

DM here.

Firstly, in two episodes we have a joke where a lengthy speech is censored or skipped by mall music. That music is from a specific source called Bensound, that provides royalty free clips and a range of free use for the clips. It’s awesome that anyone would do that. Check out the site:

Bensound: Royalty Free Music

At the time of writing I’ve just finished preparing and uploading Episode 29, and we have Eps 30-32 in the can. It’s all going so well. If you are reading this, I’m assuming you have listened to and like the show: so do us a favour and put it out there one more time, Tweet, Reddit, share, anything. We really appreciate it.

Chronicles of Shannara is done and was great. I have always wanted to see a good quality show that is like a D&D adventure, and loved it for that reason. We don’t need it to be a prestige show, we have Game of Thrones, which is coming back in about three weeks. Next will be to see if anyone finally gets a Moorcock novel to work on film. It’s not so unlikely. Ben Wheatley has just put out the film of J. G. Ballard’s High Rise and all reports say that it fully embraces the themes, structure and surrealism of the book – and it works. Alex Garland pulled off Judge Dredd and gave us Ex Machina. The people are there in the industry and they have the acclaim now too.

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