Game World: Two Capitals

Forest winter

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Our game is set in the world of Kalni, our own creation. Specifically, we play in the Kingdom of Kikathra, land of the winter elves, in the frozen far south where sub-artcic winters last six months. As usual. if you look through the site’s about pages, you can find game world info and maps.

The kingdom of Kikathra has two capitals.

Kikathra City is the holy city and founding site of Kikathran civilization. It is deep in the mountainous Greatwood, inaccessible during high winter, and left off maps. It is a sacred place where the elven high seers rule. Most Kikathran’s born outside of it will never see it. At a time reckoned to be around 3400 years ago, the Kikathran ‘winter elves’ mastered iron and steel, and came down from the forest to the Great Kalni River valley. There they founded Kikathraxia (Kicka-thrax- ia) and started a traditional civilization. Now, Kikathraxia is ruled by the four noble families and is the only true metropolis of Kikathra.

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