Game World: Kikathran Citizenship


Image: Alchemy Gothic via Amazon

Early on in the adventure, the party found a citizenship ring on a dead dude in the barrows. Lately they’ve been hinting at possible uses. Also, errmm, it might come up in the near future.

In the elven kingdom of Kikathra, society is tiered and strict. The true capital, Kikathra City, is in the Greatwood, not mapped and non citizens can never see it. It is small and the home of the high council of seers. The largest city and defacto capital is Kikathraxia, a metropolis situated where the Great Kalni River flows out into the Icy Bay. It is ruled over by four noble families. For the rest of the population there there are citizens and non-citizens. The only way for a working class Kikathran to gain their citizenship is through military service. When they have completed the service, they get a unique ring, as proof.

This has not come into play much so far because the characters are at ‘The Raka.’ It is the frontier area at the far north of the land, the rules and mores of society are much more relaxed there.

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