D&D 101: Dice Speak

Dice 800600

Welcome to D&D 101, where we explain the basics for people who like the show but don’t play. If you have played before there’s probably no need to look at this. Really basic, basics.

The game uses a set of six dice, as seen in the picture above. They are:


A typical set has seven dice – two ten-sided for generating a percentage. The main game mechanics are based around rolling the 20-sided dice, and the system is known as a ‘d20’ system.

D … “dee”

In the game we refer to dice as ‘d’ for example “pass me the d6.” It is shorter to say but it also allows us to abbreviate multiple rolls of a dice. So, if Onas uses his Shocking Grasp spell at third level and he gets to roll the 6-sided dice three times and add it up … we say 3d6 “three dee six.”

1d20 “one dee twenty”
2d8 “two dee eight”

And so on.

If this was new to you, congratulations you cannot unknow this. You are over the nerd line.

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