Game World: Elixir Veri

elixir veri

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Our campaign is set in the elven kingdom of Kikathra, in our game world Kalni. You can see our site about pages for maps and information.

In the previous post we introduced the four noble families of Kikathra, you can read it here.

These four families have fought to preserve their birthright and power for nearly three thousand years, ever since the first winter elves came down from the Greatwood to found the capital Kikathraxia, on the Icy Bay. Part of this has been to strictly adhere to the ideology of noble blood. This has been achieved through many methods, medical, magical and the traditional way – breeding cousins, and siblings. While countless generations of physical resemblance and tradition have been upheld, now a full third of all children born to these four families suffer from degenerative or potentially crippling conditions.

These practices and conditions are limited to the elite noble class, and the vast majority of elves in the realm have no part of it and are unaffected physically.

Hand in hand with these practices went measures and research to counter the side effects. The seers and mages took the rare flower of the Greatwood, the ‘blood poppy,’ a powerful narcotic, and developed a magic potion that could both relieve suffering and hold back degenerative effects. It worked surprisingly well, a success, but it was addictive and difficult for the user to control their own dosage. Over time, users developed a detachment from the values of society, adding to the existing culture of introspection brought on by the long winters. It was named Elixir Veri.

Due to its importance and rarity, the Blood Poppy was made illegal for personal use. All discoveries of the plant must be declared in order for them to be cultivated and harvested for the nobles’ mages to use. The growing conditions are complex and the flower itself is fragile. Anyone caught with the flower undeclared, or using it in the unprepared non-magical form as a drug, will be put to death. However, amidst the long, frozen winters, the illegal use of the drug grows regardless.


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