Game World: The Noble Houses

Kikathra Color Hexes

Our game is set in the world of Kalni, which we wrote for our D&D games. You can find the world map and basic overview in the about pages, along with house rules and character sheets.

Our current adventure is taking place in the frozen elven kingdom of Kikathra. It is the kingdom of the winter elves. Deep in the Greatwood is the sacred city of Kikathra, where the seers commune. This city is not mapped in detail and many residents of Kikathra will never see it. The real power and running of the kingdom is done from the largest city: Kikathraxia, where the Great Kalni River meets the Icy Bay. It is ruled over by the four major noble families.

House Whiteblade – elven: valkoi.meka

House Spring – elven: so.jasa

House Kalni  – elven: kaalni

House Frost – elven: hala.kaalni

These four families have endured as elite rulers since the elves came out of the forest and founded the city almost three thousand years before. They have maintained their lines through incest, magical and medical blood spinning, and an obsession with the idea of racial purity. As a result, their offspring have a forty percent chance of being born with a degenerative genetic condition. This does not affect all winter elves, only the nobles. Each family has sorcerers and alchemists dedicated to treating these conditions.

As well as the national army, each of the four families is permitted by the high seer council of Kikathra City to have an elite force of a thousand soldiers under their house colors.

Out on The Raka, life is as removed from the world of the nobles as it can be, but … during the start of our campaign, a minor member of House Whiteblade – Prince Kalas Whiteblade – has moved his clan into one of the ancient defense towers just outside of Linake Raka.

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